Steve Jobs Wrote Letters

By Jack Loftus on at

We know a lot about Steve Jobs's penchant for responding to email, but did you know that in simpler times, when pen and paper and typewriter were the norm, he sent paper letters and computer chips to adoring fans?

He did! Letters of Note has one such letter, penned in 1983, that Steve Jobs wrote on Apple stationery and sent to a fan:

Apple Computer Inc.

November 16, 1983


Dear [Redacted]:

Thanks for letting us know of your support. It's really great to know that our fans up in the bleachers are cheering for us.

Keep the faith!


Steven P. Jobs
Board of Directors

PS: Hope you enjoy the chip—an Applesoft ROM

He even included a ROM chip for good measure. That's quite the P.S.! [Letters of Note]