The Apps You Should Download to Your iPhone This Week

By Casey Chan on at

The iPhone 4S: If you were lucky enough to grab one, congratulations! You now have a brand spanking new phone, a new friend in Siri and a desperate need for some apps. Here are our favorite iPhone apps this week.

Find My Friends: Find My Friends, Apple's your-friends-are-now-live-dots-on-a-map social network, is here. The new location service eschews boring check-ins for convenient (and creepy) continuous sharing of your location. The app keeps track of where all your friends (opt-in, obvi) are in real time, which is kind of scary yet kind of exciting at the same time. Is Sam in your neighborhood? Is Adrian across the country? Find my friends will tell you. Check out our etiquette guide on how to use Find My Friends so you don't be a creepy stalker.