The First Solar-Powered Charger I'd Actually Use

By Roberto Baldwin on at

Solar-powered chargers make me feel like I'm doing something nice for the Earth. Too bad I never use the damn things because positioning them for optimal Sun-catching is a pain in the ass. The Ray solar charger's suction cup action solves that problem.

Instead of trying to prop the solar charger on a stick or placing it on my dash and watching it fly out the window when I take a corner, the Ray solar charger has a suction cup around the solar cells. Slap it to your window and let the Sun work for you. The support arm even doubles as cable storage.

The Ray is still in presale mode over at Quirky. If enough people purchase the £25 device, it'll hit production and you can feel all squishy on the inside because you're helping the planet. Or not, who cares, I just want to charge my iPhone. [Quirky]