The iPhone 4S Is Now Available In the UK, But Where Can I Get One?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Yes, it's that day, the day when the iPhone 4S and its personal voice assistant Siri hit the streets of Britain. If you haven't pre-ordered one, but you're still desperate to get one, where's the most likely place?

Stock is going to be limited. That's just a fact. With Apple products, there are just so many people that want it day one -- inventory is going to be scarce by the end of today. So, your best bet is to go with smaller, less high-profile Apple stores or larger operator stores (Vodafone Strand looks good for example). It'd be a good idea to have a ring round to see who's got massive queues too.

If you really want one, I would stop reading and get your butt over there right now. Take a chair, take some food, some water, enough cash or credit and don't forget to research which network you want it on first. Good luck, and godspeed, fair iPhone 4S warrior.

Image credit: T3