The mobiUS Is an Ultrasound Machine That'll Fit In Your Pocket

By Kelly Hodgkins on at

Windows Mobile may be ancient technology for those using an iPhone or Android handset, but for industry applications like the MobiUS SP1 mobile ultrasound system, the now two-year old operating system is just perfect.

The mobiUS is simply a small ultrasound wand that's attached to a Toshiba TG01 handset running Windows Mobile 6.5. The system is capable of fetal, abdominal, cardiac, pelvic, and peripheral vessel scans. And it's so small that it'll fit in your pocket which is something you can't say about the bulky machines you see in obstetrician's offices. It also does not require a power source to operate and has wireless and 3G connectivity that'll send images from the handset scanner to a terminal back at the office or hospital.

With its portability and connectivity options, the mobiUS could be a game-changer for doctors who can scan patients in remote areas or during emergency situations. The best feature may be its price which is surprisingly low. Each unit costs about £4800 which is significantly less than GE's mobile ultrasound machine, the GE Vscan which costs in the region of £64,000. [Mobisante via CNET]