The Onion Just Invented My New Favouritest Fake Site

By Roberto Baldwin on at

A quick browse of comments on the Internet will do more to destroy your faith in mankind than watching an hour of Sky news. The Onion's answer? A site that's built specifically to lure moronic commenters. It's satire, yes, but it's also an idea that needs to happen now. Like right now. Please?

The Onion's faux site, purports to be built with funding from a dozen news and media outlets, pandering to the kind of jackasses on the Internet screaming that Obama is a Muslim or that gay marriage is a Nazi-Commie plot directed by Al Qaeda to destroy America's children. Or worse, people who love [insert mobile platform here] more than their families.

Currently is "experiencing high call volume," but I so wish this was real. Imagine a world where are the idiots of the Internet are partitioned off in one place. Where you can post a comment without being compared to Hitler. Actual discourse without fear of getting sucked into a hole of stupidity. Oh well. I guess for now we've got YouTube to draw most of those people away. [The Onion]