The Stone Roses: How Do You Sleep

By Kat Hannaford on at

The daily Soundtrack post is something I've been looking forward to stealing adopting from our US brother since we launched three weeks ago. What better day to kickstart it on Giz UK than with a classic Stone Roses tune, hours after they announced a comeback tour for next year?

If you're not familiar with the Manchester band, you've only got to read lead singer Ian Brown's quote, published in NME in 1989, to understand some of their swagger, misguidedness, and indeed their brilliance:

"We're the most important group in the world, because we've got the best songs and we haven't even begun to show our potential yet."


The jury's still out on whether they ever showed their full potential, as they released just two albums before breaking up in 1996. Next year's reunion tour will also be supported with new material, so hopefully Brown's prescience will show it wasn't just fool's gold.
This song, How Do You Sleep, is from their second album Second Coming, and while it's not entirely typical of their previous songs, it's one of my favourites. I hope you like it too.