The Zune Is Gone (Updated: It's Baaaaack!)

By Sam Biddle on at

Something's conspicuously missing from the Zune's website: The Zune. Zune Music Pass and software for Windows and phones remains, but the oft (and unfairly) maligned MP3 player itself has vanished. Is the Zune officially dead?

We're waiting on a confirmation from Microsoft, but it's hard to find any mention at all of the device—completely scrubbed from the page. Instead, we're now greeted by lots of Zune-ing Windows Phones and Xboxes. Methinks the plug is pulled—time to warm up a seat in the gadget afterlife for the iPod, buddy. [Zune via Ed Bott]

Update: Well gosh darn, that was a harrowing hour or so! The Zune HD is back on the site, and Microsoft says it was a "publishing error." Lowering MP3 death preparedness to DEFCON 5.