These Ethereal Landscape Photos Were Faked in a Cloud Tank

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Looking at his work it seems like Kim Keever always has his camera in the right place at the right time for capturing stunning landscape photos. But unlike that debacle over the shot of the wolf jumping over the fence, Keever readily admits his shots are fake, created in a very controlled studio environment.

He first starts by constructing the landscapes himself, in miniature, inside a large 760 litre tank. It's then filled to the brim with water, lit using coloured lights, and then augmented with painted backdrops and foreground props. To create the fog, mist and cloud effects, he simply pours pigments into the tank and quickly snaps a photo with his large format camera before they're able to completely mix with the water. Though completely artificial, Keever seems to put just as much thought into composition and lighting as a photographer waiting for the perfect moment at dawn, and his results have a certain fine art landscape oil painting aesthetic to them. An exhibition of his work just opened at the David B. Smith Gallery in Denver, Colorado, USA and runs until November 19th. I wonder if he also does wedding photography this way? [David B. Smith Gallery via Coudal]