These Lucky School Kids Get to Learn In a Building Right Out of a Pixar Movie

By Jack Loftus on at

The Mouriz School is too cool for school. By day, its students frolcik and play outside its random lines and dark wood veneer. By night, however, the entire scene becomes one from a Pixar short. Fascinating stuff.

Back in the mid- to late-90s, I went to school in a boring, gray concrete block. The education was fine but the aesthetics were pure uninspirational 70s. This school, in Mouriz, Portugal, is none of those things:

This is a two-story school center, including a kindergarten and an elementary school located in Mouriz, Paredes, Portugal. It was conceived to comply with a functional program based on the needs of a fifteen classroom school center: managing flows and creating different levels of use due to different levels of autonomy within the school center – kindergarten and elementary school; common areas and sports area; linking the dynamics of each space; ranking uses and users; sharing pathways and functions.

Oh how jealous I am of today's students. Learning actively by book (or iPad?) and passively by design, subconsciously. [Arch Daily]