Trousers and a Cardigan Before 9.00pm, Please, Rihanna

By Gary Cutlack on at

Rihanna has spoiled it for everyone -- new guidance from TV regulator Ofcom has again called for broadcasters to watch the amount of grinding and bottom shots in music videos and performances shown before the 9.00pm "watershed" psychological barrier.

Yet again citing last year's X-Factor performance in which Rihanna and Christina's clothing and sexy dancing caused 4500 viewers to complain, the regulator has asked TV networks to be careful when showing lewd videos, particularly those by troublesome "R&B" artists.

The full report [PDF] contains some excellent attempts to discuss the issue in a serious fashion, such as:

"Ofcom recognises that music videos in the Urban and R&B genres in particular are well known for including mild sexual content and innuendo"


"It is important to note that in pre-watershed content, Ofcom would not expect to see singers and dancers wearing clothing that does not adequately cover their bodies (in particular their breasts, genital area and buttocks)."

But Ofcom doesn't seem to be reflecting the true concerns of the population. 58 per cent of parents and primary carers it asked said they "were not concerned" by what their kids had watched before 9.00pm in the preceding six months, while only 9 per cent considered themselves "very concerned". [Ofcom (PDF) via the Guardian]