UK Government to "Open Source" Roadworks Data

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UK government is about to start publishing data on all current roadworks in progress, so we may stand a chance of actually arriving at a destination on time and relatively free of rage and desires to kill.

As part of a new attempt to be more open, accountable, transparent and so on and so forth, the transport department will soon begin to "publish useful raw data on road works, cycle routes and car parks, to help travellers use our transport networks better."

According to minister Francis Maude, "over two billion hours per year are lost because of traffic jams" on our road network, and this, along with tables comparing driving and cycling times, could help reduce that and have our economy back on track and rivalling that of China within months as a result.

The Highways Agency already offers a similar advisory service -- and is even on Twitter -- but that only covers the motorways and bigger arteries it maintains. It can't tell you if there's a hole surrounded by bored men in Cavendish Street. [Telegraph]

Image credit: Shutterstock.