UK Government Wants to Start Talking to You Through Social Media

By Gary Cutlack on at

David Cameron might soon have to start live-Tweeting X-Factor as well as joining LinkedIn, with a new government action plan suggesting it jumps into more forms of social media "to facilitate a two-way dialogue with citizens."

The plans are, of course, part of another mammoth cost-cutting proposal, which will hopefully see £1bn saved when the government begins to implement a new IT strategy.

The social media thing comes from an urge to get more people accessing services online, with a new "digital channel" required to be part of all future government consultations from the end of this year. The action plan says:

"As a first step, to facilitate a two-way dialogue with citizens, departments will ensure that a digital channel is included in all government consultations by December 2011."

Which means, what? Every new government proposal will come with a hashtag so we can put forward our objections through Twitter? [The Register]