UK Police Asked Google to Pull 135 YouTube Videos Over National Security Worries

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google has revealed a huge pile of data covering the various requests it receives from world governments to remove material, revealing that British authorities asked it to chop 135 YouTube clips over "National Security" concerns.

The data comes from Google's updated Government Requests page, which shows that the UK asked Google to remove more pages from its search, video and photo listings than China. British authorities asked for a total of 220 clips to be removed from YouTube -- 135 of those for reasons to do with "National Security".

Our leaders also requested 67 images be filtered from showing in Google Images due to "Privacy and Security" issues, while it asked for 28 search result pages to be removed from Google's web search.

Google says it complied with 82 per cent of these demands. [Google via Guardian]