USB Animal Cushions: Providing the Warmth You Never Had

By Gizmodo on at

Winter is creeping up. Luckily, your pet dog is there to greet you and offer the opportunity for a warming hug the minute you get home. But what about for animal lovers who are allergic to furs? Don't be discouraged — grabbing one of these USB Animal Cushions might be a solution.

They're no replacement for a real man's best friend, but they can get you toasty warm within a few seconds of a USB power. They also don't look as cute or have a face for that matter, but for about £34 plus shipping, they're cheaper than owning an actual pet. And they won't wiggle away when you need that heat! The cushions come in three different colors with your choice of a dog or pig. [GeekStuff4U via Chip Chick]