Victim Describes Anguish Over Email Account Hijack

By Kat Hannaford on at

Journalist Rowenna Davis has written an article for The Guardian illustrating the frustration she felt at the hands of an email hacker who locked her out of her Gmail account, requesting money from the friends s/he emailed, while posing as her. It's a riveting read, with the pages of comments also showing there are a lot of angry Gmail users out there.

This comes in the same week as the Metropolitan Police service throws its weight behind the national ID fraud prevention week, which starts today. Apparently four million Brits (around 7 per cent) have been gripped by the clammy hand of identity fraud, whether that's through stolen credit card details; missing mail or like Rowenna Davis, hijacked email accounts. [The Guardian]


Image Credit: Blazej Lyjak / Shutterstock