Vodafone Screws Up Online Pre-Order Deliveries Behind Credit Check Hell

By Sam Gibbs on at

While most of the Brits who actually wanted an iPhone 4S already have them in their grubby little mitts, some Vodafone online pre-orderers are still waiting, as it seems Vodafone's struggling to get them shipped out.

Complaints have been pouring into the network's forums with some reporting "sometime next week" for delivery. Not much of a pre-order you have to admit, especially when there doesn't seem to be any particular shortage in stores. According to the Register, credit checks are holding the process up, with customers queued waiting for their clearance before being queued again for shipment. Considering you can literally walk into almost any Vodafone store and pick one up today, you've got to wonder why anyone would pre-order with Vodafone again -- no other network seems to be having this issue. [Vodafone forums via The Register]

Image credit: Andrej Andic/Shutterstock