What Do You Think of Virgin Media's Very-British New Logo?

By Kat Hannaford on at

Richard Branson's Virgin Media has dressed itself in a new logo, with the union jack making its first appearance, presumably to match the Virgin-branded aircraft line. According to Virgin, it's to celebrate its very-British-heritage, and comes at a time when the world's fixated on the UK thanks to the Olympics, the Diamond Jubilee, and Pippa Middleton's bum.

Though they didn't add that last bit, I presume that's what Virgin's Executive Director of Brand and Marketing Communications was thinking.

Logos are a prickly issue, particularly when it comes to incorporating the country's flag. While the US, Australia, and other countries seem to have no problem with whacking a bit of their national identity into a corporate rendering, the UK tends to shy away from overt displays of patriotism.

Take our logo here on Giz UK -- we had a million and one mock-ups created by our in-house design team, with many featuring the union jack. But we just couldn't agree on it -- the placement, the design, or even whether we should have one or not. In the end we went for simplicity, hoping that readers would know they were on the UK version of Gizmodo, without having a union jack shoved down their throats. Some readers may argue we did just that with the graphics on our welcome post, which included a cup of tea, crumpets, and a copper. To which I enquire about your senses of humour, and offer you a cup of earl grey while we argue it out.

I'd love to know what you all think about Virgin Media's new logo though. Personally, I think it's rather tastefully done. [Virgin Media]