When Can You Buy the iPhone 4S In the UK?

By Kat Hannaford on at

We know the iPhone 4S will be going on sale October 14th for £499, but there may be shortages. To ensure you get one before they become unfashionable, you can pre-order at Carphone Warehouse or the various networks.

Three has confirmed to Giz UK that they'll definitely be selling the iPhone 4S when it hits the UK. If you're after Orange or T-Mobile, you'll be able to register interest for it here and here, when the pages finally go live. Vodafone has confirmed to our brothers at TechRadar that they'll definitely be stocking it, but haven't started taking pre-orders yet. And O2? They've just contacted us to confirm they'll definitely be selling it too.

Meanwhile, Carphone Warehouse is telling customers to form an orderly queue over on their site.

Do you plan on buying the iPhone 4S? Or are you going to hold out until next year, when the slimmer, faster and better specced iPhone 5 is sure to make an appearance? Or do you, like your good editor here, not give a rat's bum about the iPhone?

Update: Thanks to commenter BristolRuss, who pointed out Orange has confirmed their prices for the iPhone 4s. The 64GB model will come in at £260; the 32GB at £195 and the 16GB at £130.

Image Credit: MobileShop

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