Where Can You Buy a Galaxy Nexus? (Updating)

By Sam Gibbs on at

It's just been announced, unveiled, and briefly fondled. The Galaxy Nexus is coming to the US in November, but what about us Brits eh? When will we be able to taste the sweet, sweet Ice Cream?

News is trickling in about the UK availability of Google and Samsung's latest and greatest. Samsung has just confirmed that we'll be seeing the Galaxy Nexus on these shores in November. Three has confirmed that it'll be "coming soon", so with a bit of luck they'll have it on their One Plan with unlimited, all-you-can-eat data before Christmas.

Phones4U has also confirmed that they'll stock it too, with a pre-register sign-up for those eager to get their hands on it as early as possible (pre-orderers might want to think twice over what happened to Vodafone iPhone 4S customers, especially with those high place-marker prices).

Speaking of Vodafone, it too has confirmed to our sister site TechRadar that it'll be carrying the Galaxy Nexus when it launches in the UK. That's all the info it wanted to give, so who knows when -- but rest assured if you're desperate to stay on or join Vodafone, you'll be able to get your mitts on the latest Google Phone.

That's it for now; we'll update this post as more information comes in and if you happen to spot more network announcements, throw 'em down in the comments.

Updated: Thanks to commenter Darrell's eagle-eye, we now know that O2 will be stocking the Galaxy Nexus too.

For those looking for a SIM-free network unlocked Galaxy Nexus have a price and a pre-order page as Clove have confirmed that the 16GB variant will be available for £515. Stock is due in at the beginning of November, so not long to wait. Bad news for those looking for the 32GB model though as according to Clove it's not getting a UK release.