Which Shitty Reinterpretation of the Giz UK Logo Won the Adobe Prize?

By Kat Hannaford on at

The 60+ entries to last week's Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 competition (worth £600) are in, and bloomin' heck there are some "talented" Giz UK readers in the house. A lot of Comic Sans fans, too. But there can only be one winner...

I hope you'll all agree with my choice, though some could argue that George cheated by nicking what's known as The Shittiest Logo Ever. Yes, I'm talking about the London 2012 Olympics logo -- what a mess, huh?

Extra-long naptime and two bonus segments of orange out of the fruit bowl will be awarded to Holly for her multi-coloured treat for the eyes:

Reader Jonny fared well too, by backing up his design choices (above) with the following reasons:

"First of, it's in space! Because space is awesome and Giz loves the space!
The mouse cursor, because you are a tech site and anything tech uses a
mouse cursor.
Portal Cake. Because I like cake....And portal.
A kitty cat shooting teh laz0r! Coz I thought it would be epic.
I used the best font for the logo, Comic Sans and Chiller.
I added my face on there because I want recognition for this master piece.
And that totally isn't the apple logo in there, why would it be? It
jsut looks like it.
There is some lens flare because of all the photography challenges.
Also note the double rainbow and all of the motion blurs.

This new logo sums up everything that Gizmodo is about and it isn't
afraid to make the viewer go blind in the process."

I think we can all raise a pint to that.

So well done to George, who I'll be contacting by email shortly. If you didn't win today, chin up -- you can wander over to Adobe's site now, where can try your luck at winning £50 each day by voting in their Imagination Challenge competition.