Who Needs the Queen When You've Got 50 Fifties In Your Back Pocket?

By Sam Gibbs on at

To be honest, the £50 note is a bit bland. OK, it's not American-dollar bland, but it doesn't ooze 'the-biggest-note-there-is' does it? Think you could do better? Fancy winning yourself £50? Hell yes!

The cool cats over at Creature of London have launched a competition to celebrate the re-design of our most impressive note, the fifty, which the Bank of England will unveil on the 2nd of November. Aptly named 50 for 50, anyone with can submit a design, no matter how horrendous your drawing may be, and net yourself £50 if you're the 'best'.

Current entries include 50 Fifties (see what they did there?), one that's straight to the point and Scott 'way-to-kill-the-franchise' Bakula. Maybe there should be a Giz UK £50 note --hats off to the first person who 'shops one together. [50 for 50 via Wired]