Wooden Skin Makes This the Most Beautiful Camera I've Ever Seen

By Sam Biddle on at

Why can't every single digital camera be encased in gorgeous walnut and cherry wood? Probably because it'd be outrageously expensive. Luckily, for those with the means, these custom Japanese Fujifilm X100 coverings are stunning. High tech meets... trees.

It looks like Aki-Asahi Custom Camera Coverings (which also sells lizard and camel cases!) is out of stock at the moment, but if you're willing to go through the hassle of ordering overseas, your Fuji will make everyone else's look awful. Maybe even the special edition leather one.

Bonus: if you happen to scratch or dink the hell out of your camera, instead of looking beat up, it'll look like an antique cabinet with a fine patina. [Aki-Asahi via PetaPixel]