Woop! Woop! That's the Sound of 'Haven't Got a Clue'

By Haje Jan Kamps on at

It does warm the cockles of our hearts to see that the fuzz are reaching out to help people help them do their jobs when your iPad gets half-inched. It would be even better if they didn't make such a hash of it.

The eager rozzers over at Leicestershire police dropped a press release telling the lovely story of someone's iPad getting jacked, but how fantastic new technology saved the day.

As any Apple-product-wielding geek worth their salt would know, the first thing you do is to fire up 'find my iPad', and pray that you remembered to turn the feature on in your preferences before your 'pad sprouted legs and done a runner.

In the case of Leicestershire police, however, it appears that things aren't quite that easy... Instead of giving useful advice, they spin a tale of how "The victim had downloaded free software called, Mobile Me", and how they "were able to return the laptop to a very grateful man within a matter of days".

So, if we discount the facts that Mobile Me isn't free, it's not a piece of software, you can't 'download it to your iPad', and that they are causing physical distress to Apple fanboys all over the world by describing an iPad as a 'laptop'...

Let's just say that we hope that the detectives at Leicestershire police are better at solving crimes than their press office are at preventing them, or we're all in serious trouble.

Photo Credit: Olly / Shutterstock.com