YouTube Gets Professional With Jay-Z and 100 Original Channels

By Sam Gibbs on at

Looks like the rumours were true, Google's pushing head-long into professional content with some new YouTube original channels. Amateur-hour is out as 'well-known personalities and content producers' will be trotted out, with the fruits of their labour appearing next month.

Channel highlights include 'DanceOn' by Madonna, 'Life and Times' from Jay-Z, as well as the Wall Street Journal-produced 'Brooke Burke's Modern Mom' -- something for everyone then. TV, film, music, news and sports will be covered by the 100 or so new channels, which join YouTube's existing grant-powered and educational programs. Big G is after the lucrative TV-market, lining YouTube up as the next evolution of TV. There's no doubt we like our content on-demand, but YouTube will have to go a long way to beat the likes of the BBC. [Google via PCWorld]