Zebra Crossings' Extinction Warned on Diamond Anniversary

By Kat Hannaford on at

Just in time for the zebra crossing's 60th birthday today, "experts" have foretold the death of the painted bits of road, saying traffic lights and other forms of modernisation are killing off the zebras. Apparently in just five years, over 1,000 crossings have been replaced with lights.

There's something very quaint about the zebra crossing, first introduced in 1951 in Slough. A cursory glance in Google Images shows you there are a million and one parodies of The Beatles' Abbey Road album cover, not to mention various other creative uses of the white strips of paint. It'd be a real shame if they were to disappear forever, but at least the future of one crossing is secure. [Daily Mail, Express and The Sun]

Image Credit: Wallpaper Pimper