24 Hours of Printed Flickr Uploads Is Enough To Swim In Like Scrooge McDuck

By Andrew Liszewski on at

With content pouring in from cameras and smartphones all around the world, it's not surprising that Flickr gains over a million new photos every single day. It's a fact you probably wouldn't give much thought to, until you see photographer Erik Kessels' latest exhibit where he printed and filled a gallery with a day's worth of Flickr uploads.

The installation, which fills multiple rooms at the Foam gallery in Amsterdam, illustrates how digital photography, and sites like Flickr and Facebook, have literally flooded the internet with photos. To the point where we're "drowning in representations of other peoples' experiences" according to Kessels. Like doing a photo search on Google, the mountains of photos in the gallery are overwhelming, making it almost impossible to take them all in. But, like with Scrooge McDuck and his money bin, I like the idea of being able to dive and swim around in a room filled with photos. Paper cuts be damned! [Foam via CreativeReview]