30Gbps Wireless Over Terahertz Waves Using New Japanese Chip

By Sam Gibbs on at

Those crazy Japanese. Never sated, always pushing for the next big thing, and I love them for it. If you thought 4G running at up to 100Mbps or Wi-Fi peaking at 600Mbps was fast, think again. How does wireless 30Gbps without fibre sound?

That's what the Japanese electronic component manufacturer Rohm is promising, having shown off its new chip that pushed 1.5Gbps in tests. The mini-marvel measures just 2cm long and 1cm high, packs in a micro antenna and uses the terahertz spectrum for transmissions. The technology will max out at a theoretical 30Gbps, while in its current implementation it'll cost in the region of about £1 per chip; dramatically different from current terahertz communication chips, which run about 'several million Yen', or in the five-figure pounds sterling. Gigabit terahertz Wi-Fi anyone? [Rohm via TechCrunch]