A £90 Pair of Earbuds For £21 Is Your Rich, Sumptuous Bass Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

You might have missed out on the chance to buy the Comet chain of stores for only £2 but to be honest, you probably dodged a massive bullet. You’d never be able to keep them all tidy by yourself.

Best to peruse our daily deal round-up instead, for a better way to deploy your money. Cream of the crop today is the chance to get a £90 pair of Phonak PFE 012 earbuds for FREE. The catch is that you’ll have to subscribe to Stuff magazine for six months at a cost of £20.95, but hey, you’ll probably find something interesting to read in them. It’s not like you’re being made to buy six issues of Marmalade Monthly or the Wheelie Bin Digest…



- Sony Ericsson Xperia Play; £160 with cashback available
- Driver San Francisco – Collector’s Edition for PS3 and XBox 360; £25 delivered.
- £30 donut maker; just £10
- 16GB USB flash drive; £9

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