A Good CEO Is Hard to Find, as UK Music's Feargal Sharkey Steps Down

By Kat Hannaford on at

No, we didn't just write this post so we could shoehorn in the Undertones' frontman (and solo-artist)'s best lyric. UK Music, the organisation which represents musicians, labels producers and all manner of industry bodies, has lost the smooth-voiced singer as their CEO, who resigned to "continue on other journeys."

Until those journeys are made clear, we're going to start a rumour-campaign that he's replacing Kelly Rowland on the X Factor's judging panel -- any way to get his teenage kicks, you could say.

Until Sharkey (who no longer looks like the picture above suggests) is formally replaced, the trade organisation's senior policy advisor Jo Dipple will act as CEO.

Sharkey was appointed CEO of UK Music in October 2008, and since then has raised his voice over many a digital rights issue. I interviewed him several years ago on the subject of downloads, when he told me that he's "pretty relaxed about technology and digital distribution – as long as those that make music have the opportunity to get paid – but it’s great to see some serious competition in the download market," referring to Amazon and 7digital then-removing DRM from their downloads. [Music Week]