A Retailer's Christmas List You May Actually Want to Buy From

By Kat Hannaford on at

Without fail, one of the most boring stories every Christmas is Hamley's top toys for Christmas. Justin Bieber dolls? R/C helicopters? Singing Elmos? What are we, five? Firebox's kicked off Christmas early with their top predictions for this year's big sellers, and most of them are actually aimed at people like us.

Number one in the tech category is the iCade, which impressed us at Giz when it was announced at CES earlier this year. Firebox is selling it for £80, but if that's too much for your shallower pockets, a 24-can crate of Duff beers only costs £25. My favourite though is the VW Campervan tent, which costs £300 and looks, well, just look a veedub. If you squint.

Their full list is as follows:

#1 Tech: iCade £80
#1 Gadget: ReCover case £13
#1 Home and garden: Gamepad chopping board £15
#1 Toys and games: Kuchi Paku £39
#1 Kids: Star Wars Lego alarm clocks £25
#1 Sports and outdoors: Skatecycle £150
#1 Entertainment: Duff beer £25
#1 Food and drink: MyMallow Cutting Kit £13
#1 Gift: Pickmaster Plectrum £22
#1 WTF: VW Campervan tent £300