Ad Authority Deems Motorola's Defy Toughness Claims "Misleadingly Exaggerated"

By Gary Cutlack on at

Fresh from its public mauling in front of the baying Watchdog audience, Motorola has made a new enemy, with the Advertising Standards Authority ruling the toughness claims of its Defy smartphone were misleading.

The rather belated ruling was brought about thanks to three users complaining to the ASA that the advert "misleadingly exaggerated the durability of the mobile phone, because they had dropped their phones accidentally and the screens had cracked."

The ASA agreed with these complaints, saying Motorola showed the phone being dropped and not breaking. So users had every right to expect their phone to not break after being dropped, too, despite Motorola's claims of thorough testing.

The ad breached rules for being misleading and exaggerating claims and Motorola's not allowed to show it again in its current form. Not that it's likely to, given the Defy is now rather outdated in the fast-moving smartphone world. [ASA via The Register]