Ai Wei Wei's Forever Bicycles Is Like Looking into a Two-Wheeled Infinity Mirror

By Brent Rose on at

Ai Wei Wei, arguably China's most famous artist, has a new exhibit in Taiwan right now. The piece you see, called Forever Bicycles, features thousands of bicycles welded together to create a stunning visual effect.

Forever Bicycles is a reflection of Ai Wei Wei's perception of the rapid pace of China's social change. The piece is part of a larger exhibit called Absent, which fittingly enough, Ai Wei Wei is not allow to attend. Earlier this year Ai Wei Wei was suddenly imprisoned by the Chinese government for 81 days. It just goes to show you that good art and totalitarian politics don't mix. We hope he remains free and continues creating stunning works like this for many years to come. [Bike Hugger via Urban Velo]

Image credit: AP/Wally Santana