Air Cassette, Astrid To-Do, Hardest Game Ever and More

By Casey Chan on at

Apps make the iPhone shine. And you want your new (or even old) iPhone to shine, right? Here are the best iPhone apps this week! It's a solid list.

Air Cassette: It's a music player for your iPhone that transforms CoverFlow and iTunes and MP3s into a faux cassette player. Which is to say, it's awesomely nostalgic. Instead of showing something like album art when a song is playing, you get a neat cassette tape image complete with spinning reels when the song plays. The artist and song title are scribbled on the tape, the list of songs, artists and albums look like the cassette case. You can set up a queue of songs you want to hear next, share music and get this, make a mixtape (ha). £1.49