All HTC Phones Could be Banned From Sale in Germany

By Gary Cutlack on at

Another front in the great patent war is looking grim for HTC, with the phone maker withdrawing its defence from a German patent claim. Which could see all of its smartphones pulled from the German market.

The latest patent ruling covers a claim against HTC from a company called IPCom. With HTC deciding to withdraw its appeal over the 2009 ruling, it effectively gives IPCom the win -- and a right to demand HTC halts sales in Germany. And IPCom is being rather aggressive about it too, saying:

"IPCom now intends to execute this injunction in the shortest possible time

"We will use the right awarded by the courts, likely resulting in HTC devices disappearing from shops during the crucial Christmas season"

According to renowned internet patent loudmouth FOSS Patents, HTC claims the patent only covers one old model of HTC phone that's no longer on sale -- although the patent expert says it actually relates to "all HTC phones implementing the 3G/UMTS standard." so could be a very bad and wide-reaching decision for HTC. [Reuters via Techradar]