Altec Lansing's Custom-Molded Monitors Deliver Accurate Sound for Aspiring Audiophiles and Seasoned Musicians Alike

By Adrian Covert on at

Altec Lansing is excited about their A1, A2 and A3 in-ear monitors. They've always produced quality products, but now they've gone all out to not only design a triple-balanced armature, but also develop a custom ear molding using a unique silicone.

The new IEMs use a medical-grade silicone called 40 Shore Silicone which was developed in conjunction with ACS. According to the company, it allows the material to maintain a high level of durability without sacrificing its softness or pliability. Those who purchase the A1, A2 or A3 will be referred to an Audiologist who will create the custom molding of customers' ears, which will ensure a perfect seal for noise isolation and sound quality.

On the hardware side, the top of the line A3 has separate low, mid and high drivers which utilize a balanced armature design for the most accurate sound reproduction across the 16Hz-20,000Hz frequency response range. The A2 and A1 have two drivers and one driver, respectively. UK pricing hasn't been confirmed for them yet, but expect them to be pricey -- in the US, the A3 will cost the equivalent of £650; the A2 the equivalent of £410 and the A1 for £315. [Altec Lansing]