Amazing Breaker for iPhone and iPad: If You're a Fan of Ice Sculptures, Best Look Away Now

By Bulent Yusuf on at

Some apps look and play like the 8-Bit classics from the golden age of gaming. Others take a modern approach, employing sleek graphics to show their cutting-edge credentials. And Amazing Breaker? It looks like the kind of game that a Las Vegas magician would have made. We're thinking David Copperfield, or perhaps Siegfried & Roy.


How does it play?

Basically, Amazing Breaker is a one-app hate campaign against ice sculptures. There they are, in all their ornate, frosty splendour, and your job is to smash them to pieces. Never mind the skill and craftsmanship that went into making them. You have to destroy them, DESTROY THEM ALL.

The tools at your disposal? Put that hammer away, sonny. We're going to use explosive crystals for this job. Using a slingshot, you pull back and fire your projectiles at the sculptures, chipping away at them until they're at least 90% vaporised. Thereafter, you progress to the next sculpture and your next act of artistic vandalism.

The crystals come in several varieties; the bogstandard explosive, the three-way split, the ghost, and the helicopter. They each have their strengths and weaknesses - the helicopter is especially tricky to master - but in combination you can set off a chain reaction of explosions that could potentially obliterate the sculpture in one fell swoop.

Additional crystals can be won by setting off explosions in the vicinity of a glowing power-up. But you need to be quick – spend too long mulling it over, and they'll disappear, and this could seriously dent your chances of completing the level.


Why do we like it?

So why the comparison to Las Vegas stage magicians? It's the music, consisting of space-age synthwash and tinkly wind-chimes, and the subjects of the sculptures themselves. One minute you have to break a rose, the next a bunch of grapes. Thereafter, it's a toilet, or a ship with sails. This stuff is just too far out, man.

But despite the valium-hued window-dressing, Amazing Breaker plays very well. You're supplied with the bare-minimum of crystals to complete each level, and you'll find yourself endlessly replaying a stage just to figure out how it's done with the optimum efficiency. Beneath the surface gloss is a deeply strategic puzzler, and it's a good one.


Amazing Breaker is available now on the App Store, iPhone 69p | iPad £1.49p