Anonymous Anti-Zeta OpCartel Cancelled After Caught Member Freed

By Sam Gibbs on at

According to Anonymous Iberoamerica, OpCartel has been canned following the release of the supposed kidnapped Anonymous member by the Zeta drug cartel. A statement on the 'Official Blog' called an end to the action.

The retreat follows a threat from the Zetas that for every one cartel member exposed, the Mexican drug runners would kill 10 people. Whether or not the Anonymous member was freed, or if there was even anyone actually kidnapped by the Zetas from Anonymous, who really knows. But this seems to draw the on-again, off-again Operation Cartel to a close -- at least for now. It's hard to say with an anonymous collective, with no real leadership, agenda or, seemingly, no real plan.

In other news, Anonymous threatened Israel, then Israeli government sites went down. Whether the two are connected will depend on who you believe, Anonymous or Israel. [Anonymous Iberoamerica, YouTube, The Register, MacWorld UK]