Anonymous Forces Resignation Of Finnish Neo-Nazi Parliamentary Aide

By Sam Gibbs on at

Chalk another one up to the Anonymous collective and their battle against discrimination, among other things. Anonymous Finland hacked a neo-Nazi site and leaked its membership database embarrassing a Finnish parliamentary aide.

The site's database included personal data on all of its members, which included Ulla Pyysalo, aide to Juho Eerola, MP for the True Finns. Pyysalo was forced to resign when Anonymous published the political extremist list. The group have also been testing the security of Finnish institutions, releasing 16,000 names and addresses taken from education groups. Doing good and bad in one breath, that's the Anonymous we know. If they could stick to taking on drug barons, neo-Nazis and other evil people that'd be great, but the collective does as the collective wants I guess. [Telegraph]

Image credit: oggalily/flickr