Apple's Best Black Friday Deals

By Kat Hannaford on at

When I say "best," I mean, "the best deal you can hope for is £81 off a MacBook or iMac." Really, you'd be better off collaring the nearest student to buy your iGadget for you. Or do as I do, and hoodwink an Apple employee friend into doing your dirty work for you. Nonetheless, all the Apple UK Black Friday dealz, below:

- iPad 2 discounted £31 to £368.
- iPod Touch discounted £15 to £154.
- iPod Nano discounted £11 to £104.
- MacBook Air (11-inch) discounted £81 to £768.
- MacBook Pro discounted £81 to £918.
- iMac discounted £81 to £918.

Other Apple products, such as the Magic Mouse; Time Capsule and Airport have also been "slashed" in price, along with third-party accessories from iPhone cases to B&W Zeppelins, and software from Microsoft and Adobe. For the full list, click here.

We'll be compiling a mega Black Friday dealz post, so if you see anything worthy of inclusion, a.) make sure you buy it first before tipping anyone else off, and b.) drop me an email on kat.hannaford[at] Cheers!