Best Buy UK's Closing Down Sale Starts Today

By Kat Hannaford on at

Best Buy's finally clocked onto the perfect way to get punters to visit their out-of-the-way stores: hold a closing-down sale! Though given the sale a.) is also online, and b.) only 10 - 30 per cent off, Amazon might still get more of your monies anyway.

As everything must go (unless Best Buy goes down the online-only route), I imagine this isn't the last time I'll be writing the words "Best Buy's closing down sale," but if you really can't hold out much longer on buying a HDMI cable or Dell laptop, it might be worth sharpening your elbows or working on your finger-reflexes today.

Update: For a giggle, check out this brief comment thread on Amazon's forums about the sales. Maybe it's safest to shop online...


Sale Details...

Best Buy has reduced TVs, dishwashers, fridges, laundry items, computing hardware, gaming accessories, gaming hardware, DVD players, MP3/MP3 hardware, sat-navs and camera equipment by 10 per cent, along with the elusively-named "hardware," and "accessories."

There's also 20 per cent off printers, freestand cookers, microwaves, small kitchen appliances, home audio, gaming software and camera accessories.

Not to mention 25 per cent off floor care items, garment care stuff, networking, home phones, software, storage, components, accessories, health and beauty, AV accessories and sat-nav accessories.

The real saving is on DVDs, Blu-rays and CDs though, with 50 per cent off the "lowest marked price."

All you need to do is enter the code BBY at the checkout to get the discount -- let us know if you get any steals! Or find even cheaper prices on Amazon...

- Commenter Jimbo_wa alerted us to an 8GB Eye-Fi Pro SD card, which was £72 on Amazon, but is only £55.98 on Best Buy with the discount applied (plus £3.99 shipping.) And if you sign up to Quidco, you get 3 per cent cashback, too.