Blueprint 3D for iPhone and iPad: A New Design for a New Kind of Puzzle Game

By Bulent Yusuf on at

Every once in a while, a new game comes along that blows our minds with a fresh concept. Blueprint 3D is one such game. In fact, we reckon it's invented a whole new genre, all by itself. Let's christen it the "fragment'em up".


How does it play?

This might sound a bit trippy, so bear with us. Players are presented with a series of blueprints, each one featuring a design of a certain object. The thing is, these blueprints have been exploded into a million billion tiny little fragments. A cluster of abstract shapes, lines and dots, scattered across the three dimensional planes of X, Y and Z.

There's a method to this madness, however. Players drag their fingers across the screen, rotating the jumble of fragments up, down and around, until suddenly the three perspectives align into place and the identity of the object becomes apparent. It's pretty frickin' amazing.

Each blueprint has a countdown timer attached to it, with three stars. The more time it takes to complete a blueprint, the less stars you're awarded. These are important, because the stars are used to unlock different packs of blueprints, seven in total, each one revolving around a different theme: architecture, electronics, medieval, military, space, technology, and transport.

Whilst the presentation is very clinical - it has to be, to present these puzzles without any unintended obfuscation - there's the odd splash of humour within the blueprints themselves. Initially you're untangling puzzles for routine, everyday objects, and then you're graduating onto more post-modern items, like iPads, space aliens and ray guns.


Why do we like it?

Blueprint 3D is big, it's clever, and it's the kind of game that could only have surfaced on a touchscreen device. Which is a roundabout way of saying it's a perfect match between form and function. There's a great deal of satisfaction to be had from solving the puzzles, and your familiarity with the underlying theme can affect your game in one of two ways.

EITHER you haven't the foggiest idea what is you're looking at, in which case you gradually feel your way towards a solution and smile with glee as it suddenly clicks into place. OR you instinctively know what the object is, despite the fact it's supposed to be entirely abstract, and quickly swivel the fragments into the desired state.

If things gets too much for you, don't despair, you're given five "solutions", to deploy against a blueprint and instantly resolve it and then move on. Additional solutions can be bought, at a price, and in theory you could buy all the solutions for all 240 blueprints, but that would detract from the fun somewhat. You'd be better off passing the iPad or iPhone amongst your friends and asking for advice.

Blueprint 3D is highly recommended, gets two thumbs up, and is awarded five stars. Also, a special rosette for ingenious design. Can you tell that we liked it?


Blueprint 3D is available now on the App Store, iPhone 69p | iPad £1.99p