Broadband Delivery UK Project Branded "Ludicrous" by Angry Partner

By Gary Cutlack on at

One of the companies that was part of the BDUK initiative has pulled out, claiming the scheme that uses BT's fibre network to help spread high-speed broadband is limited by "faintly ludicrous" restrictions on access.

Geo Networks launched the broadside on the BDUK project, claiming the funding model favours BT, the pricing is wrong and there's a big restriction on how much of the fibre network potential resellers are allowed to use under the Physical Infrastructure Access system that lets them access BT's network.

Here's a snippet from Geo Networks' Chief Executive Chris Smedley:

"...the real issue is that it can only be used for providing the final drop from local exchange to a residential broadband consumer’s house. PIA cannot be used for the far more costly task of crossing the long distances in rural areas to get to these remote communities (backhaul) – making the idea of being able to build new fibre connections within them faintly ludicrous."

All of which "inhibits a competitive fibre network" according to Geo. And for that reason, Chris Smedley is out. [Geo via TechEye]

Image credit: Brian K / Shutterstock