BT Thinks We'll Have the "Best" Broadband in Europe by 2015

By Gary Cutlack on at

BT's getting rather bullish on the status of the roll out of its next-gen fibre network, claiming it means Britain will have the best broadband options across all of Europe by 2015 or thereabouts.

BT's strategy director Sean Williams came out with the brave boast, claiming: "We will be top of the major league, certainly if not by 2015 then by very soon after," as the effects of its network upgrade begin to kick in across the country.

According to Williams, half of all customers that are offered connection speeds above 24Mbps go on to take up a subscription at the new higher speed -- way ahead of BT's initial projections, which thought only one in five users would go for the max-speed option when offered.

This surprise boost in take up means the company is considering pumping more money into its fibre plans, perhaps boosting the number of homes connected through the high-spec fibre to the home system, which can lead to speeds of around 300Mbps. [Telegraph]

Image credit: asharkyu / Shutterstock