Build the Lego Ornament That Can Do the Kessel Run in 12 Parsecs

By Roberto Baldwin on at

Placing this Lego Millennium Falcon ornament on your tree will certainly guarantee that you'll have the coolest tannenbaum in town. Oh, and if your Wookie knocks it down, you can quickly rebuild it. Why do you think they called him Chewie?

Star Wars and Christmas don't exactly have a stellar history. Let's try to block that horrible Christmas special out of our minds and build Chris McVeigh's Lego Millennium Falcon ornament. Chris (AKA PowerPig) has an entire series of Lego ornaments with instructions and list of Lego blocks needed to complete the tree hangers.

Not all of PowerPig's ornaments are Star Wars related. But, I'm pretty sure if you make the round ornament green and blue, you can pass it off as Endor. [Chris McVeigh]