Build Your Own Lego Ornament for the True Meaning of Christmas

By Sam Biddle on at

Jesus wasn't born so you could throw tacky popcorn garlands and chintzy glitter balls all over the tree. Christmas is about bravery, tiny plastic parts, and being able to follow instructions. So, Lego mastermind PowerPig is back with DIY ornaments.

The kickoff for the Gizmodo illustrator emeritus' second annual series is a "Long Ornament," a nice green and white number that looks like some sort of mint thing you could eat on Christmas Eve, fondling your lover as Santa hits cruising altitude. But don't eat it! It's made out of toy parts. If you're feeling up to the task, sled on over to PowerPig's site for full instructions and part list—and get ready for a new ornament next week. It may be your last. [PowerPig]