Camera+: "VolumeSnap Is Back!!"

By Andrew Tarantola on at

Three months after being booted from the App Store for employing, "iPhone volume buttons in a non-standard way," the popular Camera+ app is once again for sale—volume button functionality and all.

The original version was, of course, pulled for including a volume-button "easter egg" that could later be unlocked by the end user but which also mimicked Apple's virtual shutter button. The newly-resubmitted Camera+ 2.0 does include the same feature but, since Apple has recently implemented similar technology, the prodigal app has been re-approved. The latest version, Camera+ 2.4, includes auto-stabilization, one-touch exposure and focus, and 6x digital zoom in addition to the fast-snapping capabilities of shoulder-mounted shutter releases. It's currently available from iTunes for 69p. [iTunes via Cult of Mac]