Chancellor Offers Another £100m to Get Britain Downloading

By Gary Cutlack on at

George Osborne's tinkering with the levers of the British economy will see an extra £100m thrown at internet infrastructure, with the plan funding high-speed web and wi-fi links in ten UK cities.

The plan is to introduce city-wide broadband, also extending BT's fibre plans by giving the cities fixed broadband connections of up to100Mbps. Cardiff, Belfast, Edinburgh and London are the first four cities on the list, with the next six set to be decided by a competition in which councils bid for funding.

The money will be handed out in three annual tranches, of £20m in 2013, £60m in 2014 and £20m in 2015. Winning bidders will be expected to match that themselves, doubling the investment. [Guardian via Techradar]

Image credit: Broadband use from Shutterstock