Christmas Tree-Decorating With a Helicopter Can Be Very Dangerous

By Andrew Liszewski on at

You might worry about falling off a ladder while decorating your home with lights, but that pales in comparison to what happened to this helicopter in Auckland while installing a Christmas tree. Thankfully, the pilot walked away from the crash.

The incident happened while the helicopter was being used to install a seven story tall tree near the Te Wero Island bridge in Auckland, New Zealand. Witnesses say at the time of the crash it was using a cable to erect a ladder, and as the helicopter came down it was clipped by the rear rotor, and then everything went to hell.

As the helicopter came crashing down it snapped in half and tore itself to pieces, but thankfully the main rotor remained intact, minimizing the damage and injuries. Amazingly the pilot, Greg Gibble, walked away from the accident, and only one other person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. Sadly, it's yet another example of why flying during the holidays should only be done with a sleigh and reindeer. []