Cyberbullying Focus In Northern Ireland Kicks Off Anti-Bullying Week

By Sam Gibbs on at

It's anti-bullying week this week in the UK and schools across Northern Ireland have set about tackling the impact of cyberbullying. 650 schools are taking part in the cyber-focus, with between 15-17 per cent of 10-13 year olds affected by the digital bullying.

Cyberbullying represents a new challenge for teachers, parents and carers, as it's not always as obvious when kids are suffering from it compared to physical bullying techniques. Nevertheless, with more and more connected devices and people's lives spent online, it's becoming a bigger and bigger issue -- particularly over social networks. It's good to see schools are thinking ahead and tackling the future of bullying with the same vigour that they do the traditional, offline kinds. No one likes getting picked on, even if you think its just text, it still hurts. [BBC]

Image credit: Yanik Chauvin/Shutterstock